Monday, September 20, 2010

Daddy-Daughter Dates

This a story that comes to me in bits and pieces of particular images and feelings, yet most of the story was told to me by my mom and dad.

When I was a young girl, possibly 5 or 6, I would drive with my mom to Merrill Lynch (where my dad worked my whole life) and wait for my dad to come down and take me on a "daddy-daughter date".

Interestingly, I used to think this was the monogram for my family because ML was such a big part of our lives and our house was filled with assorted trinkets and office supplies with this logo on them.

I would wait outside of my car with my mom and we would look up at the tall glass building and be able to see my dad getting into the elevator and watch him come down, which was very magical to me for some reason.
Similar to the elevator on the building my dad would wave from
Merrill Lynch in Paramus, NJ

Despite my recollection of this, my dad would get into the driver's seat with me in the passenger's and I would make my mom sit in the back of the car and keep quiet. Because we were on a date, she had to remain silent and pretend she wasn't make it more authentic.

We would typically go to McDonald's where I would end up leaving "my date" for the ball pit most of the time. My dad would sit with my mom and read the newspaper until we had to head back to his work.

Then, we would drive back to say goodbye to my dad and watch him go back up in the magical glass elevator and wave to him in the window before he walked back into the office and out of sight.

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