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Many weekends of my childhood were spent taking day trips to Bucks Country, Pennsylvania with my mom. Always set to a routine schedule, we would first go to Peddler's Village, then off to the SPCA to play with the animals, and, last but not least, visit "my house" (or at least the house I wish I owned).

Peddler's Village, Spring 2008

Peddler's Village, Spring 2008

I would sit in the back of her 1993 burgundy Oldsmobile Achieva on what seemed like always the most beautiful, crisp fall day and gaze in awe of the large bedrock mountains that would encapsulate the road and the miraculous view down the valley. There was so much color and vibrancy around me; I look back on it and realize these trips were the reason autumn is now my favorite season. 

Peddler's Village, Spring 2008

When we arrived at Peddler's Village, we would walk down the cobblestone sidewalks and trickle in and out of shops. We would spend most of our time in a unique gift shop, PastTimes, and I would always make my mom take me to Glitz and Glitter -a small store that sold costume jewelry and accessories.
My mom, sister, and I used to
go here all the time in Peddler's
After 'Peddlas' (as my mom and aunts would call it in their Brooklynite accents) we would drive a minute down the road so I could play with the pets at the SPCA. We were always compassionate towards the animals we knew were less likely to get adopted and I loved freeing the cats from their cages so they could play with one another.

Before our trip came to an end, my mom would make a quick stop at a gorgeous mini-mansion in the area. Located in a small development called County Cork, the monstrosity was Italian-style with a fountain in the center of the driveway (complete with a Rolls Royce) and a luxurious white stairway accented with pearl lamplight leading down to a terrace behind the house.

An embarrassing but telling video of my best friend, Melissa, and I traveling to see my dream house in PA
The view down the street from my house in NJ (facing the PA border), 2008

I get so nostalgic looking back on it today. It was a short trip from my home in New Jersey out to Lahaska, Pennsylvania, but I felt like each time we went was a special time.

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