Friday, October 1, 2010

That's Entertainment

Let me start by saying one very important thing about Gene Kelly - No one could do what this man did. Fred Astaire was the original but if anyone came close to perfection, it was him...He could sing, dance, play piano, act, do it all in one take, AND he did it without looking feminine. Even watching it now leaves me in awe of his precision and actually frustrates me that many people my age and younger (even older) don't know about him or the era of American musical film.

The atmosphere of the time was definitely conveyed in the connotations of this film. Though the scene does not have much verbal communication to the audience, the dance communicates the implications of the time: the innocence, the masculinity conveyed through his athletic dance style (in a time where now most would not describe dancing to be masculine), the grace, the innovation. The great thing about film is that one scene from it can certainly say a thousand words -If the implications of this film were expressed in writing I feel like this scene could write hundreds of pages telling not only about the film or Gene Kelly or even the time period, but it could also tell of the value system instilled in me during my childhood.


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